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With a career spanning 20 years, I have enjoyed a richness of experiences that have allowed me to work with businesses, nonprofits, and agencies of all sizes. My travels have taken me from the favelas of São Paulo, Brazil to the savannas of South Sudan in Africa. These experiences taught me that all organizations are comprised of people, first and foremost, each with individual needs, challenges, and desires. Organizations thrive when there is alignment between people, talent, and mission.

My specialties include:

Brands I’ve collaborated with over the years include…


I serve as the Co-Founder of EightTen, a social enterprise aimed at developing collaborative approaches to solving employment challenges of millions of disengaged youth and young adults with disabilities. EightTen brings a much-needed innovation mindset to an age-old problem with a rich variety of stakeholders including business, education, government, and service providers.

Value-Driven Consulting Services

For occasions that require additional time, resources, and energy, I offer project-based consulting services to organizations of all types and sizes. Client engagements can last from hours to months and are tailored to very specific organizational needs, typically resulting in a project deliverable. I place a heavy emphasis on being collaborative, human-centered, and mission-focused.


Coaching is a results-driven partnership based on trust and authenticity. I offer flexible options to accommodate a variety of coaching needs.

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